An innermost journey

of initiation within yourself.   


A path of mastery for those who are ready to companion 

themselves, reinhabit their bodies and self heal.




The Way of Becoming

is the path of waking up

to who we are. 



There has been a sense of what's possible in the spiritual world, but what's missing is fundamental. An understanding of how to wake up to who we are with the body from within. 


The time of gurus and people who tell you how to heal is over. No one can tell you your own path. They can only hold space for you to experience it, having ventured ahead before you. 


This work is not coaching or new age spirituality, but an exploratory of Self. Of holding open to mysteries beyond this current suffering to discover the world at your feet.


Your healing was always the act of

your becoming. 


Healing is not what you do. 

Healing is not granted based upon how hard you try. 

Healing is inherent - in who you are - and only you can discover it. 


This is not meant to diminish what you've done to get here. All of that has been in service. You however, are not your trauma. You never have been. 


In quiet moments, you glimpse yourself - free. Alive. Open and connected to your innate beingness. For some of us, pain is the messenger to break out of a too-small container. There are a thousand reasons for where we've been. 


However, now is a good time to hope. To practice feeling and believing in the spark of possibility that got you this far. This work is simply an illumination of what you already know. You are here to serve. You are here to restore love. You are here to be joy - first by reclaiming it within. 




 For deeply feeling humans identified in relation to other

people's suffering, your healing is your 

Emergence as Yourself. 



Are you seeking a path of

mastery to express your sensitive nature?




        Are you seeking Earth and body-based spiritual healing practices that awaken your intuitive gifts?


       ✔   Could you use guidance to open to a new state of being beyond the trauma of your past? 


       ✔  Are you here, on this planet to serve and to bring balance to your body and the Earth? 


       ✔  Are you navigating discomfort with the role you've had to play in society, knowing there has to be more? 


       ✔  Are you open to understandings that come from no previous lineage, but are pertinent to this time? 

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To say working with you is magical would be to cheapen the reality. I have consistently found your guidance to inhabit truths deep within my life experience and past. I've found myself tangibly and immediately in direct contact with my child self and I've seen such evolution in my life and my inner world. 

- Russell Durham 

 Composer, Violinist and Producer



Her work will transform you from the inside out. In a world where many people claim to be psychic, Rowen has the actual power to provide you with insight and illuminate what you need to come home to your most authentic self. Rowen's work is only for those who are ready to uncover the layers that are preventing them from stepping into the highest version of themselves. If you’re ready for deep transformation and nourishment, you’re ready to work with Rowen.


- Lindsay Lord

Hiring and Talent Manager at Magic Agency.



Rowen is an exceptionally gifted and intuitive healer. I let go of what seemed like generations of suffering in our work together. I was in a period of incredible grief and pain, facing some of the biggest decisions of my life, and now I feel connection to my guidance and myself.  Thank you dear Rowen, I still feel your genuine care and love.

- Sarah Lou

Women's Health and Pelvic Coach






Who you are is so much more than you can imagine. 



Your path thus far may have included physical or emotional challenges as you've come to terms with the fact that you feel so deeply. 


I've worked with hundreds of people who are like you: deeply feeling, somatic, sensitive and on a spiritual path. What I've found in thousands of sessions is there has been a missing understanding that breaks with conventional knowledge. 


You aren't broken. You're simply meant for a deeper path. One that opens you to who you are beyond the story you've lived so far. I know this because I've walked it. It certainly isn't easy -- or simple -- and the path of opening to our core self beyond conditioning is not guaranteed. 


But I believe it is how we heal. It is how we transform our relationship to life. It is the opening necessary to wake up to our gifts. 


Reconnecting to the animate nature of life and the inner beauty within you, is the prize of your medicine journey.  


I'm not done walking the path myself. I created this body of work through intuitive work with the Body over the course of the last 7 years working as a therapist, energy healer and through my own decades-long initiation with illness. 


These are new understandings but serve as a bridge between trauma work and a post-trauma existence. It is an Earth and body-based spiritual path where you find your own evidence and open to your own innate beingness. 


I welcome you to join the upcoming Retreat, The Intuitive Body to gain a fundamental understanding of this methodology. You deserve the tools of reconnection with your Body -- it is from this foundation that we re-inhabit ourselves, heal ourselves and serve from love, life and joy. 


This is the path of Your Becoming.